Victories of Ukrainian Craft at Beer Competition in Belgium


Today Pravda beers from Lviv have won silver medals again. Ukrainian Imperial Stout “Vid Syanu do Donu” (the style – Russian Imperial Stout) and American Wheat (White IPA/Hoppy Weizen) received awards in the international beer competition at the Brussels Beer Challenge.


The Brussels Beer Challenge is the first professional beer competition in Belgium. More than 1,500 types and sorts of beer from 40 different countries have taken part this year. Firstly, the organizers classified them into styles, types and origins. Later on, 85 experienced judges from various countries were defining the best ones during three days.


The results have been announced today.

Thus, beer “Nautilius” from Italy won the first place in the category “Russian Imperial Stout”. Our beer “Vid Syanu do Donu” shared the silver medal with beer “Imperial Stout” brewed in the USA.

Brewers from the Netherlands received the special honour in this style.


Interestingly, that Ukrainian Imperial Stout named “Vid Syanu do Donu” won in the category of Russian Imperial Stout:)

The second category in which Ukraine won the silver medal was wheat beer White IPA/Hoppy Weizen.

The medals are as follows:

  • The Gold medal: Les 4 Surfeurs de l’Apocalypso (Canada)
  • The Silver medal: American Wheat  (Ukraine)
  • The Bronze medal: Riff  (Italy)


Cory McGuinness, the Head Brewer at Beer Theatre “Pravda” commented on the victory: “I never expect to win. Just getting into any beer competition is a difficult task because there are many factors that you can’t influence. I’m very happy about the award in the category “Imperial Stout”. We sent our beer of this category to competitions before but we didn’t win. Now we’ve succeeded!

Getting the Silver medal for our wheat beer “American Wheat”, actually, surprised us. It’s a very uncertain style. I was just lucky.”


For as little as less than three years beers brewed in Rynok Square have collected 11 awards in world beer competitions.

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