Pravda Brewery

In late 2014, after half a year of construction works, we opened “Pravda” Brewery in the premises of the former TSUM (Central Department Store) on the central square of Lviv. Czech engineering, Belgian consulting, German bottling line, Spanish pouring system, American brewer –  it seems that the whole planet helped us! In half a year after launching, we sent our freshly brewed stout “Vid Syanu do Donu” to Brussels Beer Challenge with no particular expectations – and we got bronze! Later on, there we also got silver and even gold, but the first award is still the most memorable.

Now the Pravda Brewery is located on 24-26 Staroznesenska Stret. We have increased our capacity by 3 times and now we can brew 1.5 million of litres of beer per year.

Despite the fact that in 2021 we turn 7 years old, we feel that we have only started to learn. There are still numerous styles, collaborations, travels and ideas to implement. Ukraine is extremely rich in fruits, berries and spices, so one can create new beer almost every day. 

Thank you for being with us in this endless exciting journey!

We refer to our beer as «manufactured», as each of step of the brewing process is meticulously controlled by our brewers.

Before a batch of beer is declared ready, the batch is tasted personally by a brewer, and will only gain a seal of approval for consumption by them.

We are the only brewery in Ukraine that uses a refermentation process during bottling. When ready beer is bottled, the brewer’s add sugar and yeast, causing a secondary fermentation in the bottle, saturating the beer with carbon dioxide, carbonating it.

The shelf life of bottled «Pravda» beer is 6 months to a year, longer than any other Ukrainian manufactured beer, even though it is non-filtered and non-pasteurized.

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