«Pravda» is located in a 20th century building, in the center of Rynok Square – we believe that «true» Lviv beer must be born in the very heart of our city. The building was nicknamed «Zipper», after a famous tradesman from Lviv. The building has housed a jewelry store, a trade building, and after the 50’s (and before Pravda), a department store.

«Pravda» is not merely a restaurant or brewery, but a «theatre». You’ll be able to see how brewer’s create «true» beer, from start to finish. Everything from adding malt & hops, fermenting wort, to maturing beer in bottles. As an audience member, you’ll be able to taste our wide selection of fresh beer from the tap or bottle.

We have our own brass band, the PRAVDA-orchestra, that performs in-house, almost every night.

For delicious cuisine, our highly experienced cooks prepare your meal in an open kitchen.

With excursions of Pravda daily, you’ll be able to learn the history of Pravda and brewing, in addition to drinking fermenting beer right from the beer tanks themselves.

The interior of Pravda was designed for the «theatre» experience in mind. The loft-style floor plan gives the ‘audience’ the feeling of being right next to the action. While you enjoy your beer, you can simultaneously watch the brewer go through the multiple steps of the brewing process – from adding malt and hops, to boiling the wort, or to reading poetry written by Antonych. All of this, giving you the true Lviv beer experience.

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