Pravda Craft Mission

Pravda Craft Mission is a micropub by the Pravda Brewery in the neighborhood. 

There you can get draft beer “to go”, drink a couple of glasses while waiting and get water for your pet.

Find producer prices and a discount for neighbors with a LOKAL card. In addition, there you can meet our brewers, as well as Yurko Zastavnyi.

First and foremost, Pubs from the Brewery mean the control of customer experience. Craft beer is a delicate product in which everything matters. Assortment, glasses, pouring system, bartenders, ideas from the manufacture, tasting – the brewery has control over these things in its own format. Lifestyle things such as support of runners/cyclists and pet-friendly approach, as well as good neighbourliness (customer chat, support of local communal works and projects in the neighbourhood) contribute to this technical beer-oriented mix, and so you get a doorstep pub of a healthy man – little and cosy, like another room of your apartment. You will get notifications from the pub about new beer styles, order takeaway beer in advance by phone and get information about special week offer you can try.

Now we have 9 micropubs in different districts of Lviv city. In such format, we provide people with high-quality beer well-poured by an expert. We don’t offer unnecessary things such as expensive furniture and new fancy interior.

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