About Us

95% of beer produced in Ukraine is not actually beer. The product we are used to call that is fobbed off on us by monopolies, the success of which is determined by the proficiency of marketing experts but not brewers.

Our mission is to provide people with the opportunity to drink true beer. We believe that Lviv deserves its own unique style of beer, properly recognized in the world.  

“Pravda” has been created to make the world’s diversity of beer available in Ukraine, too.

That’s why we brew a wide range of beer styles from classics to sours. We believe that every beer should be based primarily on technologic perfection and balance in which the crucial position is occupied by our little partner — yeast, and we are just here to help it do its job. If the base is proper, the beer doesn’t have any defects and inaccuracies, and exotic hops and other spices start doing their job.

Our beer is famous in different countries and continents, and so people get to know about us, Lviv and Ukraine. The labels on our beer bottles convey messages about us across the world.

One more goal of “Pravda” is to create styles that combine various known international styles with specific Ukrainian spirit. For example, “100 Rokiv UNR”, an Imperial Stout infused with smoked pears and prunes, or “Zamkova Gora”, a sour Berliner Weisse with elderflower.


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