Can’t Stop Craft Revolution!


Dear friends, here is the news for you!

It happened that we’ve sold bottled beer very. Let’s not to worry, we’ve got tap beer, it hasn’t disappeared. The reason is that we’ve increased export to Europe; a part of our bottled beer was sent to Craft Beer & Vinyl Music Festival that is being held at !FESTrepublic now as well as to other festivals that have recently taken place. But we are very happy that a great demand for craft beer is increasing in Ukraine.

We are eager to join the development of craft beer market in Ukraine. While our beer for bottling is maturing in “Pravda”, we will sell bottled beer of our very good friends-breweries Varvar brewery and Tsypa!

It’s a kind of Lviv style Win-Win. For example, just imagine that Samsung is starting to sell IPhone in their shops, or Lvivske beer is starting to sell in the fridges of Chernihivske beer ;-). When you visit “Pravda” it’s important for us that you get good craft beer even if it’s not our making! 😉


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