Are Brownie and Obama Hope a mockery of taste buds?


“When there is a new brewage, then a new dish is immediately created in the kitchen. The opposite is also true.” Our kitchen and brewery tandem works according to such a golden rule. After all, one and the same beer can be felt in another way by trying it with different dishes. The perfect combination creates a balance of sweet, sour and salty, emphasizes and complements the taste of beer. In addition, for example, a well-known combination of beer with salty snacks can sometimes create a sharply negative impression of the beer.

The first thing we want to tell you about is a dark beer with a dessert. A mix that destroys stereotypes and creates a perfect balance.

The classic American stout beer “ObamaHope” is characterized by tangible bitterness of hop, while caramel malt creates a flavour of chocolate and coffee. A brownie is the best for enhancing the sampling of this beer. It can soften the bitterness and complement the chocolate and coffee notes. Thus, a balance of sweet and bitter is created with the enhanced taste of chocolate and coffee.

Why tell a lot? Try it and you will not be indifferent.

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