True Holiday is Exported from Lviv!


European countries have a tradition to use a calendar that registers countdown to the Christmas. It’s usually a carton house with windows or pockets for every day where you can find sweets, notes or just some pleasant surprise.

Fan lovers enjoy such calendar-boxes with craft beer and wishes “Beery Christmas”. This year true beer from Lviv has joined these calendars. We sent a part of festive export to Belgium to the distributor Antre By Vaudree.  And “Chief Poking Fire” became a part of the Calendrier de l’avant together with beers from the USA, Spain, Great Britain, Belgium, etc.

“Trump” beer was exported on the holidays to Austria to Kalea GmbH that added our beer from Lviv to their calendar.

Besides, we are exporting beer from Lviv to 9 countries: the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Belorussia, and Poland.


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