A restaurant with an orchestra – that’s crazy! And this orchestra gathers a full restaurant every evening?! Please, meet the PRAVDA-Orchestra.

“Live music” in restaurants is usually associated with just a guitar and a piano. We’ve decided to make a true restaurant orchestra! We first played in “Lviv Coffee Mining Manufacture” in November 2015, modifying the songs to first the orchestra sound. Everyone liked the cast , and we started performing in “Pravda”. Our peculiarity is that our orchestra plays cover versions.

The orchestra doesn’t stick to one style of music. They play AC/DC, Metallica, Frank Sinatra, Adele, Maroon 5, and popular film soundtracks. The orchestra also performs Ukrainian music: “Ocean Elzy”, “Braty Hadyukiny”, “Skryabin”… Performing popular songs that the audience will sing along with, and call for an encore.

You can meet the PRAVDA-Orchestra from Tuesday till Sunday (7 pm – 9:45 pm)


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