26 Dec 2018
Yuriy Zastavnyi: “There is a craft brewing movement in the country”

If you illustrate 4 years in numbers, for Beer Theatre “Pravda”, which marked the fourth birthday in the middle of December, they look like this: 14 medals in world beer competitions, more than 2 million guests, over 1200 concerts of Pravda Orchestra, more than 2.5 million of litres of “true” beer, which influenced the self-esteem of countless people. Yuriy Zastavnyi and 187 of his like-minded fellows stand behind it.

Темне пиво
26 Dec 2018
Why is dark beer dark?

Dark beer is dark because we add roasted malt to it. It looks similar to how coffee is roasted. Malt beans are placed in a special drum and heated. Depending on temperature, time and humidity in the process of roasting, we get different degrees of roasting.

Obama Hope
17 Dec 2018
Are Brownie and Obama Hope a mockery of taste buds?

“When there is a new brewage, then a new dish is immediately created in the kitchen. The opposite is also true.” Our kitchen and brewery tandem works according to such a golden rule. After all, one and the same beer can be felt in another way by trying it with different dishes. The perfect combination […]

27 Oct 2018
(Українська) ТОП-5 застосунків для фанатів пива!

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